Presentation • The Whitespace Design Process

Phase 5 – Presentation

The final and arguably most important part of the design journey is the presentation phase. This is what all your research, wireframing, designing and documentation should lead to. If you can’t convince the client that this is the right way to go, much of your hard work will be for nothing. This is yet another reason why it’s so important to document your decisions throughout the design process.

The best way to go about presenting your design is to take the audience on a journey. Start with the results of the workshops and research phases, summarize what the background and goals for the project where. Move on to explain your own findings and ideas and show of your wireframes. Why did you structure them the way you did and how do you suppose the user will move through them? Finally, present your design, starting with the tonality, then explaining the typography and choice of colors and finally showing off the component library – starting with the small and generic and ending with the large and specific.

This will help you explain the Whitespace way of designing in a pedagogical fashion and hopefully the client will be impressed by the amount of thought you’ve put into your work.

Here’s an example of what a presentation like this might look like.

Suggested tools

At the time of writing the suggested tools for presenting your designs are Invision (we have a joint account) and Google Slides. After your presentation, send the Invision prototype to the client via Basecamp.