Sketch Workflow


This page documents and gives you tools for our Sketch workflow. Start by reading this page and then press the nice, big button just below:

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Do’s and don’ts

  • Do. Keep your work synced and available in the cloud and for the rest of the team. Preferably in the Google Drive for that project. This will most likely change in the future, but for now this is how we work.
  • Do. Sync your demo prototypes to our joint [InVision account]( This is how we present designs. Login information is in 1Password.
  • Do. Keep a good folder folder structure. The starter kit contains a solid base that you can build upon.
  • Do. Keep a consistent naming structure. Use a versioning system. When you're about to do a major design overhaul, create a new Sketch file with the following structure: `Client-Project-Wireframe-180615-v1.sketch`. Try to keep your exports in sync with the date and version number. For example: `Client-Project-Wireframe-180615-v1-Startpage.png` and so on.
  • Do. Keep your files clean. When you start a new version, don't leave unused artboards still lying around.
  • Do. Name your Symbols with forward slashes `/`. This gives you a folder-like structure for them. For example `Icons/Hamburger` or `Cards/Medium/Desktop` (the latter example being "Component"/"Modifier"/"Breakpoint").
  • Don't. Don't name your files `ClientProjectVersionFinal2-v2-FinalForReal.sketch`. Use a system. Preferably the one in the Starter Kit.

Useful plugins