Setup Trellis

  1. Create new project in bitbucket, named with syntax hosting-*

  2. Download project to local environment

  3. Add trellis as remote repository

  4. Run through the list of Changes in Trellis settings

  5. Add all project specific configs

  6. Secure passwords with vault

  7. Run ansible scripts to setup server

ansible-galaxy install -r requirements.yml
ansible-playbook server.yml -e env=production

Changes in Trellis settings

Allow sudo access without password

File: roles/users/tasks/main.yml

.. "%sudo ALL=(ALL:ALL) NOPASSWD:ALL" ..

SSH keys

File: group_vars/all/users.yml

Set the following for web_group and admin_user

.. 'file', 'whitespace/ssh.conf' ..

File: whitespace/ssh.conf

Add ssh-keys.